HandyPSK is the compact PSK Transceiver
for all QRP'ers

You can operate CW, PSK, QPSK without a PC.
Just connect the battery and antenna and you can operate anywhere, anytime.
See Operating Manual for detail.
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HandyPSK Features

- Compact & standalone mono-band transceiver for digital mode operation
- Only 40m model is available.
- Complete transceiver. No external radio equipment required.
- Front end crystal filter architecture. Low noise and high IMD dynamic range.
- Internal DSP emphasizes weak signals and decodes the text. No PC required.
- Rotary dial operation. Copy received words and paste to send templates.
- 128 x 64 dot backlit graphic LCD display.
- Real time spectrum analyzer with 25 x 6 character text display area.
- 100mW RF output. Control signal for external equipment is available.
- Operating modes: BPSK, QPSK, RTTY, CW.
- PS2 External keyboard jack.
- Powered by 5 Volts external battery.(EIAJ 4mm jack)
- Dimensions: 4" x 3" x 1"
- Schematic(PDF)

HandyPSK Pictures (Prototype)

HandyPSK top view. Black steel housing is included.

You can operate only by main dial. Communication logs can be saved into MicroSD card.

From left hand side, EIAJ power, Power switch, Headphone/Control, PS2/Serial, Antenna.

Main PCB. You can see DsPIC33F DSP, TI 3204 CODEC, 3 pole Crystal filter.

HandyPSK and prototype housing. Black housing is included for final product
Weight is about 8.8 oz(250 g).

Main receiver screen. Spectrum analyzer and tuning indicator and received text.

See this page to download Schematic of HandyPSK(PDF)

HandyPSK Introduction movies

- HandyPSK: Introduction

- HandyPSK: Tuning

- HandyPSK: Chose key words from received text

- HandyPSK: Transmission templates

- HandyPSK: External keyboard operation

- HandyPSK: Configuration


See this page for HandyPSK FAQ

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